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Brand new strategy game under construction
Hi All,
We are planning to make a World War II strategy game using the models we are designing.
The way we plan it to be played is there will be two teams. Each team will will be able to have up to 4 players.
Every player will have a force to command either infantry, armor, artillery or aircraft and each team will have to plan and fight
together to defeat the opposing force.

Infantry: From the Private with a M1 Garand and a pineapple grenade. to the engineer who will build supply depots and defenses for the men on the front lines
Armor: Fast powerful and able to take a lot of damage these modern fire breathing dragons will pierce through the enemy's lines and cut off their line of retreat.
Artillery: Useful in bringing fire down upon the enemy, you will be able to barrage a small area of the enemy's defenses to create a hole in the enemy's lines to let your comrades get through, or fire a line of creeping fire along the front.
Aircraft: Fighters will escort the fighter bombers and medium bombers as they bomb the enemy below as well as strafing the enemy's positions.

It will start small and get bigger and bigger as we work on it and build it.
We also hope someday to make a computer version of it (that will be several years though).

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our idea at the guest book.
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