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4:31 AM
WW2 Germans Attack but Die Diorama
Well finally been doing a lot of work to create a diorama with our models and so far its doing pretty good. I designed the baseplate and will be creating a package for this diorama. The Idea is a German attack on a American camp that the Germans had under estimated the size of. They get mowed down as more Americans come running. It is by no means finished as I will be adding more soldiers and a few other things. The package when finished will contain a full set of instructions and models used.

Here is a pictures of it so far to get an idea:

Anyway that will be released sometime toward the end of the year or the beginning of next at the latest.

Meanwhile work on the M8 Greyhound is coming along and we are also working on a few other suprises  for you as well. Keep on building and good luck.
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