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The New site is Up and you can now buy Models on it! http://tandmspapermodels.com/

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Hello all,
Summer has been busy with work and other events. but I've been working on the C-5 when I can. I have gotten the two decks drawn out. the lower part of the fuselage from the wings to the tail done.

next I'll work on the top of the fuselage and forward to the nose, then on to the wings. 

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We are starting the first paper model stopmotion series we don't yet have a name for it but if you would like to suggest one just put it in the comments Here is Episode 1, Season 1.

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Yup were finaly working on it. :D

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Added a Bases pack has several bases you could use to display your models or use for gifts. Here

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Ok so were on Instagram (the first paper model company on Instagram [I looked it up] ) , hopefully I will be posting (quite frequently) pics of either models that I'm working on or models that I've finished. Any ideas for pics? Let us know.
Click the Instagram button on the right to visit our page.
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We are introducing a new aspect into paper modeling (Paper Model Stopmotion). We have a few Videos on the site already and are currently working on more. One of the ones we are working on is the Battle for La Fiere. Right now though we only have some that are a few seconds long. Here - Video - T&M's Paper Models

And I did say that we were hoping on getting some other models released around the time of the M8 and we are still working on them but we will soon Have it Ready and waiting for you to come and get.
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After a long wait the M8 Greyhound is finally done! Here is the store page

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We are very sorry for the sale not working quite properly. We made a few mistakes and not everything worked right, But to compensate from now (12/23/13) till the day after Christmas everything in the paper model store will be $1. so hurry and buy something before the sale ends.
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