This is M in the name T&M's Paper Models. Just call me Jed. It's not my name
but that's me. The other guy in this Business right now is the T just call him
Junior. Anyway I'm the Main site admin, and Junior is the main builder and
model designer.

We are both Born again Christians and have a ministry. Junior is a missionary
in Wainwright, Alaska. I live in North Pole, Alaska and attend Bible Baptist Church
in Fairbanks and work with kids. If you are not Born again and would like to know
more about the Lord
click here.

If you want to suggest a model, an idea for the site or any questions
E-mail me at Moriah.gn22.8@wildbear.net. If you are the one who suggests a
model and we build it you will get it free.

Oh and if you don't make an account please sign the guestbook while you are here
and if you are a Christian please state it.


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