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We just released the Panther Ausf. G tank, in 1/36th scale!

We also have other models (not many yet, but we are working to expand our line and welcome suggestions).  Some other models we offer include 1/36th scale American and German soldiers.  We plan on making SS-Panzergrenadiers, to go with the tank, as well as a diorama pack.

Don't forget about the contest:  Send in the best idea for a paper model!! (Any that are listed on the site will be disqualified.)
We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
1st place winner will recieve the paper model they suggested plus the Whermacht and Rangers, all free.
2nd place winner will get the model they suggested and the A-40 Engine, both free.
3rd place winner will get the model they suggested, free.
To enter, simply send your ideas to . Pictures with the idea will be given more consideration. You may enter as many times as you like (with a new idea per entry, of course).

We also have a poll for tanks that you can vote on (which one do you want first?), and much more.

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